Senior Hero's Effect On Family Ladies

By - August 16, 2016 - 10:49 AM IST

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Your biggest achievement of a hero would be when you can impress the family audience and that too the ladies of the house. They are the toughest audience to be impressed and Tollywood has got very rare stars that have been able to do that.

One such person is victory Venkatesh. Over the years, Venky has developed an image that is not only appealing to the masses but also to the family ladies. This image from him is now fetching benefits for his latest release. We are talking about the movie Babu Bangaram.

The film has opened to actually mixed response and average ratings from the critics. However, Venky has a strong following among the family ladies and they are coming to watch the movie in good numbers. This is inturn pushing up the collections and the film has already touched 15 crores worldwide. That’s the power of family ladies.

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