Biggest Festival For TV Channels

By - August 16, 2016 - 10:45 AM IST

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As home theatre audience, we find television channels as the best platform for entertainment but from the channels perspective, it is a business for them and they find their revenue through the TRPs. So, they keep coming up with different programs that can boost the TRPs.

Now, one event is going to take place and the Telugu TV channels are saying it is going to be the biggest festival. We are talking about a special event on September 17th which is being organized by Kala Bandhu T Subbarami Reddy.

This is for his close friend, collection king Mohan Babu. Apparently, Mohan Babu has completed 40 years as an actor and hence this grand event is going to take place in Vizag amidst the presence of who’s who of film fraternity. This would mean good TRPs will come for the channels so they are eagerly waiting for it.

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