Aadi To Become Villain For A Break

By - August 17, 2016 - 11:02 PM IST

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The moment you notice that your track as a hero is not working, you should start exploring other options and experiment with your image. Those who resorted to this versatility have always benefited and those who stuck rigidly paid a costly price.

The talk now is about lovely rocking star Aadi, son of dialogue king Sai Kumar. It is known that he is arriving with the movie Chuttalabbayi. It is heard that based on the result of the film and if it turns out negative, he is willing to become a villain by taking up negative roles.

At one point, aggressive star Gopichand also did the same with movies such as Jayam, Nijam, Varsham. Then he became a hero and there was no turning back. For true performance to come out, becoming a villain is the best path. Some say Aadi is taking a good decision and state that father Sai Kumar’s bloodline will also bring out the best in him.

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