Brahmanandam Saves This Film

By - August 18, 2016 - 09:21 AM IST

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The general belief that most of us carry is, it is the hero who shoulders the entire movie and takes it to the success mark at the box office. While this is true to a large extent, it is also true that there are those comedians who act as catalysts and give that strong push to a movie.

One such person is Hasya Chakravarthy Brahmanandam who has pushed many movies to success zone with his mark of comedy. Now, it is heard that he would be the savior once again for a new movie. We are talking about the film Aatadukundam Raa featuring Sushanth.

According to reports, Brahmi has got a role which is going to be a highlight not just for the movie but also for his career. Buzz is that it involves a time machine and writer Sridhar Seepana has penned some hilarious scenes for that track. The film is arriving on Friday so let us wait for it then.

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