Thaman Supporting DSP in the Noble Cause

By - August 18, 2016 - 05:17 PM IST

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There is cut-throat competition in the Telugu shobiz world and as fans we assume rivalry between our favorite stars. But in reality most of our stars share a great rapport and acknowledge the healthy competition mutually wishing the best for their outings.

SS Thaman and Devi Sri Prasad individualy command a great following in the music world. There can be fans and haters but these musicians once again proved that this world is one and music unites it like none!

DSP recently toured the US entertaining his fans all across the country. But unlike the routine DSP is donating the funds raised throught this entire event for the treatment of kids who are visually impaired and cursed with hearing impairment as well so that they can listen to music and enjoy dance.

While DSP is doing this for a noble cause, SS Thaman also stood by him. He shared his happiness and announced his support to the cause through his Twitter handle –

Most celebrities, admirers and fans of DSP have already wished him good luck on this. iQlik Movies also wishes him the best for this commendable move. Long live DSP and his music. God Bless!

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