What is this 'Pravasi Ratna' for Stylish Star?

By - August 19, 2016 - 11:47 AM IST

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The ever energetic Mega Hero Allu Arjun has many nicknames under his belt such as Bunny and Stylish Star. His fans are quite fond of his antics and surprisingly, this star has more number of fans in God’s Own Country Kerala. The fan base is so powerful that many Keralites assume he is indeed a Malayali!

A popular Malayalam media house Asianet is now giving a title to Allu Arjun named Pravasi Ratna- which literally means that this actor has more popularity outside his home ground.However, the title has become a topic of debate now.

Usually, the titles ending with Ratna are somewhat outdated as they were given to older generation film people like Dasari Narayana Rao who ruled the industry in 70-80s era. Such title being given to a new age actor like Allu Arjun has become somewhat surprising. We will have to see how Allu Arjun reacts to this new title!

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