Aadi's Chuttalabbayi Movie Review

By - August 19, 2016 - 12:57 PM IST

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Cast: Aadi, Namitha Pramod, Sai Kumar
Banner: SRT Movie House
Editor: SR Sekhar
Music:S Thaman
Cinematography: S Arun Kumar
Producer: Ramu Talluri
Director: Veerabhadram

Routine Fare.. Nothing New..


Babji(Aadi) works as a bank recovery agent. He recovers money from those who perform bank frauds and get money from ATMs. He also helps his friend who gets stuck in debt given to friends and performs his sister’s marriage. Babji meets Kavya (Namita Pramod) during this wedding. They are just acquaintances but Kavya’s brother  (Abhimanyu Singh) assumes that they are in love. He even gets to an extent to kill Babji for loving his sister. Incidentally, Kavya’s brother is an encounter specialist. Babji understands this and tries to clarify his stand on the issue but falls in vain. In the mean time, Kavya escapes from her house and Babji helps her out. The entire police department searches for Kavya and in the meantime another gang searches for Kavya as well. Just when Kavya is found by either of them, Dora (Saikumar)’s group kidnaps her and Babji. Who is Dora? Why did he kidnap Babji and Kavya?- forms the rest of the plot.


Aadi: He is at good ease in acting but doesn’t show variations for different scenes. He is decent in dance and fights but should pay attention in choosing good stories. His look could have been better.

Namitha Pramod: While she is alright in looks and appearance, she doesn’t share any chemistry with Aadi. Even lip sync didn’t work well.

Sai Kumar: Having such actor needs intensified scenes but the scenes pale down. However, he does a good job by giving a simple performance without getting hyper at any point of time.

Prudhvi, Posani: Prudhvi generates laughter by making spoof of Balakrishna dialogues. But Posani’s dialogues are too loud and monotonous.


Director Veerabhadram delivered good hits in the form of Poolarangadu and Aha Na Pellanta but his film Bhai bombed at the Box Office. He was naturally in tremendous pressure to make this film and score a hit but he failed to do give perfect efforts for it. The story launches well with two characters who are misunderstood as lovers but it fails to take off properly. Every dialogue struggles to give a punch but fails to do so.  The scenes fail to evoke comedy despite having punches. The beginning scenes and Prudhvi comedy looks fine but the film pales down with train journey sequence. The interval bang is unclear and but the first half was somewhat bearable. But the second half has more of serial making rather than a movie. The comedy stops completely here and unnecessary changeover of characters happen.


Thaman’s music is obviously loud and fast paced and Rabba Rabba song was catchy. Rest of the songs are forgettable and background score was noisy.

Technical Aspects:

Camerawork is quite good and the scenes were lavish. But Veerabhadram should focus on story perfection. If stories are written depending on comedy by Posani and Prudhvi, the films fail this way.


- Camerawork
- First half


- Poor comedy
- No proper story

Chuttalabbayi is a below average fare from Aadi and Veerabhadram.