Sushanth's Aatadukundam Raa Movie Review

By - August 19, 2016 - 02:24 PM IST

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Cast: Sushanth, Sonam Bajwa
Banner: Annapurna Studios & Sree G Films
Music: Anup Rubens
Editor: Gowtham Raju
Cinematography: Dasaradhi Sivendra
Producers: Chintalapudi Srinivasa Rao & Naga Susheela
Director: G Nageswara Reddy

Nijamgane Aadeskunnadu – safely give it a miss!


Anand Prasad (Aanand) and Vijay Ram (Murali Sharma) are good friends and business partners. But due to the ploy of their opponents Shanta Ram & Somaraju (Posani), Vijay Ram loses his property and their friendship is broken. Years later, Karthik (Sushanth), the son of Anand enters into Vijay Ram’s life but with a mission. What is his secret mission and how did he reunite Anand & Vijay forms the rest of the story.


Sushanth: This young, promising hero who is desperate enough to score a hit has fallen prey to a brainless drama. Besides the usual routine, he tried out comedy with Brahmi but unfortunately that couldn’t leave us impressed.

Sonam Bajwa: Yet another heroine imported from no man’s land trying to act like our girl-next-door. Well this newbie also follows the regular protocol of ‘two romantic scenes & four songs’ which may not lead here anywhere.

While exceptional actors like Murali Sharma & Aanand were wasted, Brahmi, 30yrs industry Prithvi, Vennela Kishore and Posani comedy is also nothing but a squib.

The rest of the cast doesn’t even need a mention (and the makers are to be blamed)


We know family entertainers are the in-things and most producers and directors are keen upon making time pass entertainers mixed with family and comedy. Dumb families with relationship issues waiting to be resolved by a young hero (usually an NRI), a heroine in that family who is also waiting to romance the hero, a villain who is again waiting for the hero to become a clown and an eventual happy ending! In addition to this, Brahmanandam/30yrs industry Prithvi/Posani/Vennela Kishore or sometimes all of them together to entertain with ridiculous characters and a hilarious episode in some part of the film.

Aatadukundam Raa is also something similar except with some meat under the flesh. Writer Sreedhar Seepana and “comedy entertainer specialist” G Nageswar Reddy cooked a comedy entertainer with all the above ingredients but this time something that doesn’t work for us.

Two friends thick as thieves separate due to a misunderstanding, a villain who is happy and eventually rich by ruining their friendship and a hero (son of one of the friends) who wants to expose this and re-unite the friends. Let us put aside plot - its strengths and flaws, if the entire 2hr 13mins drama is all about the NRI hero fixing up these people with switch ON/OFF emotions is ridiculous enough, the entire second half relies upon the much hyped flagship comedy track of Brahmanandam - the ‘Time Machine’ track (similar to that of the ‘dream machine’ comedy track in Baadshah movie) which is yet another risky aspect.

Firstly, it is a gutsy attempt by the filmmakers who have extended this storyline in to a complete 2hr family entertainer. All said and done, it is a decently dressed colorful commercial film that qualifies enough to be a bearable drama which cannot kill you.


- Nothing worthy enough to mention.


- Story & the substance less comedy.


Akkineni family’s good friend Anup Rubens gives Sushanth yet another commercial album in which not even one song is striking (forget about situation and narration). The much hyped “Pallekupodam..” song remix is also a half-hearted one that finds no significance in the script or no added beauty in the picturization also.


Given this spineless script, we have Akhil Akkineni and Naga Chaitanya (along with Sushanth’s mother Naga Suseela) doing special cameos in a song and scene respectively that appear to be purely namesake (Fans would have definitely loved their cameos if they actually got something to do besides mere appearances).


Aatadukundam Raa is a bland script that miserably fails to be the so called “family entertainer or comedy entertainer”. You can safely give it a miss!

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