10 Serial Title Songs that'll drive you Nostalgic

By - August 20, 2016 - 11:56 AM IST

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Television serials and soap are an inherent part of any household and Telugu states are of no exception to this. Many Tollywood artists and directors made their humble beginnings in this platform and then edged towards the film industry. However, it was the 90s decade when TV serials were gaining attention and there are more passion for novelty and creativity. Every aspect of the serial making had great care and the entire family members used to glue themselves to the Television sets not to miss a glimpse of it. iQlikmovies brings you the top 10 title songs of such serials which would sure open the nostalgic thought chain:

1. Malgudi Kadhalu: Inspired from RK Narayan’s legendary book Malgudi Days, this song takes you back to the pristine rural areas of South India in style. Even now many people have it as a mobile ringtone!

2. Guppedu Manasu: K Balachander’s memorable serial starring Sagara Sangamam fame Geetha in the lead featured a lovely song from the ultimate playback singer SPB himself. The song has become an anthem for family women of 90s!

3. Lady Detective: Creative filmmaker Vamsi also tested his fortune in TV serials and this peppy number was also sung by SPB. The song was penned by Sirivennela and undoubtedly it is an evergreen song!

4. Anveshitha: When the TV audience are buried skin deep in family sentiment, this serial evoked chills by generating fear and horror. Chitra’s lilting vocals is a biggest highlight for this song.

5. Antarangalu: SPB’s delivers in class once again with this philosophical family song which became so hummable. This longest running serial became part of every Telugu household.


6. Kalankitha: The sad stories of women were creatively showcased in this serial and the song sung by S Janaki sure evoked lot of tears and empathy among the ladies!

7. Pinni: This peculiar song with classical touch was rendered by Nrityasri who was a great popularity after singing for AR Rahman then. The song is still amazing and timeless beauty!

8. Ruthuragalu: Manjula Naidu’s master class serial had this breezy title number sung by Sunitha and composed by Bunty. This serial re-defined the way drama has to be treated in Television soap.

9. Marmadesam: Another classic horror serial which used to create chills with its title song during late evenings!

10. Amrutham: Gunnam Gangaraju’s eternal serial which generated nonstop laughter had the peppiest title song which enthralled a generation of young audience as well!

Besides this even serial title songs like Nammakam, Mettela Savvadi, Amma Cheppindi (for Nanna serial) etc have stayed with us for long. With the advent of TV & Color TV sets with Siti Cable network connections, the "golden era" of Television has left the 90s generation with many memories. Well you can share your fond memory with us in the comment box below that is waiting for you...


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