Secret Behind VV Vinayak's Success

By - August 23, 2016 - 06:31 PM IST

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Your real step to success in your career is when you can identify your strengths and before that, your weaknesses. Once you fill those weaknesses in anyway, your overall performance raises into the next level. The same strategy applies even for filmmakers.

Not all are perfect filmmakers and each has their own shortcomings. But only those who can identify that and fill it become successful. For instance, Mass Nayak V V Vinayak has earned a star status of his own owing to his past successes at the box office.

So, what makes him a successful filmmaker? Well, it is heard that Vinayak is not sound technically and he is aware of that. Hence, in his movie, the crew will be top notch. His focus is only on the drama and he moves forward while the expert crew takes care of the rest. That is why he is successful.

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