Janatha Curfew: NTR's Power Or Koratala's Talent?

By - August 23, 2016 - 06:35 PM IST

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What happens when curfew is ordered in your city or town? The whole streets are deserted and there is nobody to be seen around. But can you imagine a curfew like situation in theatres these days? The moment Friday comes, you can be sure that at least two releases are there.

However, one film has sent jitters across the Tollywood circuit and nobody is daring to release their films against it. We are talking about the movie Janatha Garage and few pundits are wondering whether the reason for that is NTR’s power of director Koratala Siva's talent.

All movies are stepping aside and keeping their releases away. The expectations are touching the sky. Coming to the point, many opine that it is a combination of both NTR’s star power and Koratala’s track record which is creating this impact. Not to mention, the presence of Mohanlal is adding to the excitement.

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