Actor's Response on Scam & Nayeem Links Allegations

By - August 25, 2016 - 03:40 PM IST

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The producers board finally cleared the air in the Nayeem links by saying there has been no connection with them whatsoever.

They also said such false allegations are done just for attention and show cause notices were filed on them. Meanwhile, producer Ashok Kumar expressed his sadness about the allegations made by producer Natti Kumar and said he would answer all the questions in front of the media. The film chamber also clarified on the allegations that Rs 14 crore wasn't missed from the funds but only sixty lakhs in reality. They said that a case has been filed on the accountant on this regard.

Well the allegations of Nayeem links with film industry is the trending topic in tinsel town and now Ashok Kumar's response may givesome clarity over this issue.