Pawan's Strong Class to Fans?!

By - August 25, 2016 - 12:23 PM IST

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Conflicts and disturbances between a star hero and his fans is a common phenomenon but when things go out of hand, it might even lead to loss of valuable life. Similar situation happened when a Pawan Kalyan fan named Viinod Royaal died during a clash between Pawan Kalyan fans and Jr NTR fans at an event hosted by the former.

Pawan naturally got very upset with this news and he started off to Tirupati where the incident took place. He visited the fan’s family and also arranged for a talk with the fan organizations in the district.

This meeting will feature Pawan Kalyan give a strong lecture to his fans and never lose cool leading to such irreparable incidents. Incidentally, this shows the seriousness Pawan Kalyan has when it comes to matters like life and death!

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