New Twist in Viinodh Royaal's Issue

By - August 26, 2016 - 08:40 AM IST

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You can be a fan of a hero or a heroine and admire that person but if you start getting into an obsession and do not hesitate to resort to violence, it is madness. This madness has now consumed the life of an innocent youngster.

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s fan Viinodh Royaal was killed by a fan of another big hero owing to a minor scuffle. The suspect named Akshay is arrested and even Pawan has visited the family of the victim. But there are few netizens giving a wise suggestion on Facebook.

They say that even the other hero should also come and console the family of Viinodh. Only then it would be correct and complete. They strongly believe that this will send a clear message that heroes do not have any rivalries and even fans should not take things so personally. Let us see what the other hero does.

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