How Sunil Can Be Called A Big Star Now?

By - August 29, 2016 - 07:01 PM IST

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There are many factors that contribute to you becoming a successful hero and your star power is also gauged through various parameters. But there is one fundamental which is a gunshot formula to decide the stamina of an actor at the box office.

For suppose your film has released and it has got some really bad reviews and despite that, your film works at the box office, it goes to show your stamina. This promotion has been earned by the comedian turned hero Sunil with his recent movie.

Apparently, his last release Jakkanna got some dismal reviews and many felt it would sink without a trace. However, the box office has given a contrasting picture with strong collections. A movie getting bad reviews but still good collections means star power so Sunil, you are a big star now.

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