Mahesh's Bold Criticism on Pawan Kalyan!

By - August 29, 2016 - 08:23 AM IST

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If you want to face the anger and ire of the film fraternity then the best job for you would be to become a critic. Apparently, the film reviewers are usually scorned at by the cine folks because of the reviews they gave with mediocre ratings.

But there is one film critic who gained a lot of appreciation through his reviews on Facebook. He is actor cum director cum film critic Mahesh Kathi. Once you see his profile, you would know that he doesn’t hesitate to speak his heart even if it is bold and bitter.

This time, Mahesh focused on Pawan Kalyan. This is how his post came up- We need more serious people in politics than PK. A person who can't even get his speech properly written. A leader who has no cadre but his mad fans. A person who has no political ideology other than few punch lines. An individual with no vision, mission and plan can never deliver anything. Let his madness subside. May his mad fans get well soon.

With this a lot of criticism is also coming on Mahesh and Pawan fans are blasting him to the hilt. Let us see how Kathi will respond.

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