Pawan Kalyan Vs Chiranjeevi: Major Difference

By - August 31, 2016 - 11:14 AM IST

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When you and your sibling are in the same profession and achieving a good range of success, it is obvious that comparisons are bound to happen. But when both of you are in politics, the comparisons get real because it deals with people and society.

The mega family has got two men in this field. They are megastar Chiranjeevi and power star Pawan Kalyan. With Chiru almost bidding goodbye and Pawan about to start his political journey, discussions are happening on their nature and personality.

The major difference being stated is Chiru used to think twice before blasting someone because he wanted to maintain cordial relations with all. That didn’t work. On the other hand, Pawan is aggressive and blasting. The rest is same to same. However, it is not just about giving powerful speech, actions are also important.