Hopes And Expectations On This Film

By - August 31, 2016 - 11:28 AM IST

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Whenever a new movie is on the anvil, it is natural for you to have your set of expectations. However, the scale of expectations depends on the cast, the director and the attention quotient of the promotion material. One movie is now in this phase.

It is Hyper featuring energetic star Ram and the juicy cutie Raashi Khanna. Though the momentum has not picked up, the very title itself created some impact as it suits Ram’s body language. The combination of Ram and Raashi is another plus.

The director is Santosh Srinivas who is known for his energetic entertainers so a lot depends on what kind of storyline he has carved. At the moment, the expectations are fairly decent but hopes will be formed only when a teaser or trailer comes out.

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