'Jyo Achyutananda' Story Leaked?

By - September 06, 2016 - 08:58 AM IST

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Like it or not, it gives some sadistic pleasure when you get to know something you are not supposed to. And then there are those times when you are inquisitive and curious to know about something. This happens a lot in the cinema industry especially the storylines.

Whenever a promising movie is on the anvil, the first target is its story. And then there are those who use their figment of imagination and make all believe it is the true story. This is happening now with the movie Jyo Achyutananda featuring Nara Rohith, Naga Shaurya and Regina.

Some of the netizens are guessing a particular line in Facebook and sharing it as a leaked story. According to them, Jyothi, Achuth, Anand are the names of the lead cast and it is touted as a triangular love story. All are making speculations on this line so we will know the truth only when the film releases.

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