Smart Decision By Akhil

By - September 07, 2016 - 11:50 AM IST

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You might find the life of a star kid to be quite fanciful and luxurious but only those who are actually in that position know how challenging it is. This is more when the star kid decides to follow the path of his or her elders. Reaching expectations is a major hurdle.

When Akkineni prince Akhil was making his debut, the expectations were beyond the sky and his first movie was a colossal disaster. After that, he has taken a very long sabbatical to lock his second. Different names of filmmakers made rounds during this time.

But now news is that Akhil’s next is confirmed and this is going to be with Vikram Kumar. The shooting will commence from November and this is slated to be a complete romantic treat. Those who heard this are saying this is a very smart decision by Akhil because he can become the next Ranbir Kapoor in Tollywood.