Renu Desai always Jealous of Pawan Kalyan's 1 Quality!

By - September 07, 2016 - 12:35 PM IST

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Desipte the personal differences or conflicts, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and his ex-wife Renu Desai share a very special relationship. Renu Desai always speaks in awe about the individuality of Pawan and his antics.

She is quite active in Social Media which also gave her tough time when she made some serious comments on the actor. But usually, she is known for posting interesting stuff which can be on lookout for Pawan fans as well!

Now, she posted a stunning picture of Pawan Kalyan and said that she is jealous of his flawless skin texture! She also dotingly said that his one eye browed look is a highlight of the picture! Interestingly, she said that the reason for his flawless skin is Yoga practice and good diet!

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