Secret Of Suma's Glamour Revealed

By - September 08, 2016 - 01:18 PM IST

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The one universal truth that none of us can deny is we cannot fight ageing. With passing time, our youthful glow withers and we get old. Given that, it is a great challenge for those in the acting industry to maintain the same glamour and glow throughout the years.

While that may be so, there are also those who have defied ageing in the circuit. One such person is the noted anchor Suma Kanakala. It is more than two decades that she has been ruling the small screen industry and many have been wondering how she looks the same.

Well, the secret of Suma’s glamour got revealed now. It is her grandmother. Recently, she turned hundred and she is still hale and healthy. Those who saw her say she looks like she is 85 years. So, that genetic magic has passed to Suma and age is not seen. She is just like how she was 25 years ago.