Vikram's Inkokkadu Movie Review & Ratings

By - September 08, 2016 - 01:53 PM IST

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Cast: Vikram, Nayantara, Nithya Menen, Nassar, Thambi Ramaiah, Balu, Karunakaran, Riythvika
Banner: NKR Films
Music: Harris Jayraj
Cinematography: RD Rajasekhar
Editor: BhuvanSrinivasan
Producer: N Krishna Reddy
Writer-Director: Anand Shankar

‘Hell’ena for Entertainment lovers with Expectations – One time watch!


Indian Embassy at Malaysian International Airport is attacked by a 70yr old man who is stimulated by an ‘inhaler’. And the Indian police investigating into the case is suspecting the role of Luv (Vikram) behind the attack. The investigation team seeks the help of suspended ex-RAW (Indian Intelligence Agency) agent Akhilan Vinodin hunting Luv and Ayushi (Nithya Menen) is his case officer.Akhilan is the one who is believed to have killed Luv in one of his earlier operations. It is even shown that he loses his wife Meera (Nayantara) after the operation. But the embassy attack once again brings back Luv into picture. Who is this Luv, what is his ‘inhaler’ mission and how did Akhilan curb Luv forms the rest of the story.


Vikram: This versatile performer is once again back with a dual role – RAW Agent Akhilan & Luv. However, he outshined in the role of ‘Luv’ while Akhilan is just our regular ‘hero’.

Nayantara: When you are just wondering why she signed this film, she gives a pleasant surprise and guess what, it is the interval block already. Btw a big thumbs down for Vikram-Nayantara chemistry!

Nithya Menen: Guess she was rather bowled over by the ‘RAW’ agent role than the actual meat in it. Wish there was much scope for her character…

While the rest of the cast play their roles and leave!


Anand Shankar who made a successful debut with a thriller like Arima Nambi (remade into Telugu as Dynamite with Vishnu Manchu) now attempted a script like Inkokkadu trying to strike a balance between commercial storytelling and staying loyal to the genre. But let us remind… your strengths are your strength boss!

The best part is that, Anand Shankar did not try to overdo with the commercial ingredients and rather stood with his style of writing. In the due course, he might have lost a section of the audience but on a frank note, the director could engage with the first half. The story progresses without much friction here (a pleasant ride if you can accept the fact that it is low on entertainment quotient). And the pre-interval block just arrives as an icing on the cake – due credits to the ‘Nayan surprise’.

Well the second half is a duller right from the first scene. The contest between Akhil and Luv is so predictable and bland thatkeeps you waiting for the drama to end at the earliest. By the way, if you are a big fan of Vikram and his getups, there’s some for you in this segment.

Though it is a routine film, the setup and makeover is refreshing enough to evolve into an exceptional film. But only if it had some real highs and ‘wow’ elements in the narrative.


- Story

- Performance of Vikram

- Music and background score

- Engaging first half


- Second half

- No WOW moments

- Low on Comedy quotient might disappoint the masses.

Music & Score:
The audio is already a chartbuster but the songs unfortunately a major deflection in the narration [dump all your expectations (if any) especially over Halena song]. However, Harris Jayaraj once again displays his re-recording finesse.


Given magnitude of the project, the production design is commendable especially with respect to ‘Luv’


Inkokkadu is a routine, predictable action thriller with a new setup and makeover – engaging in bits and pieces. Vikram’s performance and background score makes it a one-time watch film you can try if you are left with no other film.

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