Rising Expectations With Shocking Leaks

By - September 09, 2016 - 09:51 AM IST

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When your film is gearing up for release, it is a good thing that it sets a certain range of expectations among the audience because that will pull the crowds to the theatres. At the same time, it is also important the expectations don’t cross the line.

You would have seen many movies that were deserving hits but failed to click at the box office unable to match the expectations of the viewers. However, one movie seems to be rising the right kind of expectations with some interesting leaks being made.

We are talking about the film Jyo Achyutananda featuring the variety hero with baritone voice Nara Rohith, the handsome Naga Shaurya and the expressive seductress Regina. Helmed by Avasarala Srinivas, the film’s teaser created a nice curiosity and now it is being projected as a thriller too which has created a different perspective. The suspense will be unraveled on September 9th when the film releases.

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