Give two recently popular open secrets in TFI..

By - September 08, 2016 - 06:44 PM IST

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Naga Chaitanya Samantha love story and Nagarjuna approving their wedding.. Agreed?
Well it has been no time since Nag announced that he would organize a separate press meet on their issue, here is the latest advancement. Nagarjuna has reportedly confirmed Samantha as his would-be daughter-in-law. However, the wedding date shall be officially announced later. Meanwhile, Akhil’s engagement with his girlfriend Shriya Bhupal is touted to be on Dec 9 and wedding next year. Inside talk is that Chay-Sam engagement also can be on the same day.
Reports were rife that Nag introduced Samantha to even Sachin Tendulkar as his would-be daughter-in-law in Nimmagadda Prasad’s daughter wedding recently. And fortunately things have got official so early.

So fans of both Akkineni family and Samantha can now openly engage in celebrations. Let the party begin! (By the way how would have the legendary ANR reacted if he knew of Chay & Sam..? just asking!)

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