Siddharth's Frustration in Social Media

By - September 09, 2016 - 12:38 PM IST

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The talented actor from the South Siddarth is well known for being quite active in Social Media. He often tweets and responds to whatever crucial happenings occur in the country. Now the actor vented out his frustration on piracy which has been plaguing all the film industries in India.

He said that piracy is a biggest challenge for the film industry along with irrelevant reviews which is seriously impacting the market. The actor also expressed his grief that he is not getting interest to act because of this and losing respect on the industry’s poor ways of fighting piracy.

Siddarth also said that many people are carelessly posting reviews in the social media which is totally irresponsible. He even commented on the live tweets idea which is spoiling the film viewing experience and when they reveal the key points in the film, it indirectly kills the curiosity of others over the film .