IT Raids On Producers Causing Troubles

By - September 12, 2016 - 04:26 PM IST

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Your woes as a producer don’t end when you end up making a flop, these days you are in trouble even if you are making money out of it. When corporates are making movies it is not much of a deal but when single producers are making big budget movies trouble occues.

It is being reported that the IT raids are happening in a hush hush manner and producers are losing out. As a result, they are not taking out their money. Fact of the matter is, doing everything in terms of movie making with white money is next to impossible.

Reports from Filmnagar reveal some projects are getting stalled due to these raids. If projects can attract financiers it is okay and the single producers can work their way out but if they have the idea of launching their son or grandson in a big way, it is an open invitation to the IT officials.

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