#RasamKaduChutney Is The Trend Of The Week

By - September 12, 2016 - 07:08 PM IST

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The Hashtag mania has picked up a lot in the recent times and you would be considered an illiterate if you are not part of the mad flow. This is a key component of the social media which generates lot of mileage and maximum visibility.

Currently, one hashtag has gripped the cine buffs. It is ‘RasamKaduChutney’ and this is actually a line from Natural Star Nani for his new movie Majnu. This is getting trended in the biggest way possible and fact is, nobody knows why it got hashtagged.

Well, the art of communication states you either convey, communicate or confuse and in that, the last is considered the most impactful. True to that, though nobody understands the essence and are confused, this hashtag is garnering a lot of attention from different corners.