Important Surgery for Nara Rohith?

By - September 14, 2016 - 11:48 AM IST

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The intense actor Nara Rohit has been gaining much appreciation for his acting skills but he seems to be getting out of shape in the past few films. While the actor looked quite fit and stylish in the earlier films, he lost the chiseled look and it was quite evident in his latest film Jyo Achutananda.

This has been like an impediment for his good acting skills and the actor seems to have realized the same. Despite his announcements that he would look fit from now on, nothing of that sort was reflected in his latest film either. In fact,many critics said that Nara Rohit’s antics were somewhat less natural compared to his co-star Naga Shourya in the film.

The actor worked hard with a personal trainer to get fit and slim but when it also led to futility, the latest buzz says that he might get bariatric surgery and remarkably transform into a hunk look. As the actor is already in America now, he might be taking a serious decision on getting the surgery done soon.