Nirmala Convent Movie Review and Ratings

By - September 16, 2016 - 12:53 PM IST

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Cast: Roshan, Shriya Sharma, Nagarjuna, LB Sriram
Banner: Annapurna Studios & Matrix Team Works
Music: Roshan Saluri
Cinematographer: Vishweshar S.V
Editor: Madhusudana Rao
Producer: Nagarjuna & Nimmagadda Prasad
Director: G. Naga Koteswara Rao

Routine Story.. Even More Routine Treatment!


Samuel (Roshan) and Shanti (Shriya Sharma) are 12th class students in Nirmala Convent.  But there are lot of financial as well as religious differences between both. Shanti is the daughter of Rajugaru and quite rich whereas Samuel is a farmer’s son. These two families have a serious issues since ancestry. Samuel is a bookworm and always tops the class while Shanti is a fun loving girl. They eventually fall in love and this would be known by her father (Aditya Menon). He gets Samuel severely beaten and warns him not to disturb his daughter. But Samuel’s father understands his son and goes to Shanti’s house to fix the marriage. Shanti’s father snatches the one acre land in the name of Samuel and insults Samuel’s father saying they are quite poor and he would think about the wedding only when Samuel earns money. Samuel comes to know about this and starts off to Hyderabad where he meets Nagarjuna. What happens next forms the rest of the plot.


Roshan: Roshan, who acted earlier in Rudramadevi made full time debut with this film. He did fairly well in every scene and looked quite good. He could manage a balanced performance even with Nagarjuna on the same screen. We will have to see how he blooms in coming years.

Shriya Sharma: She resembled Swetha Basu Prasad of Kotha Bangaru Lokam fame in terms of looks. She looked good and her expressions worked out well. However, she over emoted in certain scenes which looks odd at times. But she has a great future ahead.

Nagarjuna: This is not a role of his stature and he resembled MEK programme antics throughout. But Nag has to be appreciated for encouraging young talent in this manner.
Aditya Menon: He was not a perfect antagonist because his role was quite limited.

LB Sriram, Surya: Though LB Sriram’s role was limited, he did great performance in the scope given. Surya proves once again he is a natural artist.


The director G Naga Koteshwara Rao chose a simple story which resembles the poor boy-rich girl love story. The concept of a poor hero challenging a rich girl’s father has been there in Tollywood since ages. It would look surprising on how Nagarjuna gave a nod to such old fashioned storyline. There is nothing wrong in choosing a routine story provided the narration is novel. Every scene looks quite away from reality. A teenage love story must be equipped with sensitive emotions, the subtle line between attraction and love. The scenes where the young boy asks his father to get him married to the girl he loves looks quite artificial on screen. The second half looks merely like a promotion campaign for MAA TV and Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu programmes. The second half revolves around the hero playing the prestigious game show and winning in his life. The question and answer session between Nagarjuna and the hero looks downright boring. There are many sequences which defy logic  such as changing the blood group from B positive to O negative!

Nagarjuna is nowhere seen in the first half and no matter how many magical moments he attempts to bring in the second half, it remains futile. The second half is quite dull with no entertainment and tests the patience of the viewer.


Roshan Saluri does a great job in the tunes and the song Kottha Kottha Bhasha already became a good hit. The background score is alright.

Technical Aspects:

Cinematography is quite good with brilliant capture of Araku valley. The storyline is quite simple and goes in a linear fashion. There are no noteworthy dialogues in the film.


Nirmala Convent is just another boring love story which also looks like MEK Game Show in big screen!

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