How To Understand Pawan Kalyan?

By - September 16, 2016 - 10:52 AM IST

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Now that power star Pawan Kalyan has picked up the momentum as a political leader, some intellectuals are doing a psycho-analysis on him. So, here is what they have to say- “Pawan has lot of passion and some sense of direction is also there but this needs to be in the right proportion.”

They add “Only emotion is not sufficient, strategy and planning should be there for his range. Long ago, N T Rama Rao came and gave public speeches and that was sufficient. Those days were different. These days intelligence and approach is given value.”

“Hence, first he needs to come up with a step by step approach. His vision and heart is good and if he can streamline his plan of action it is better because the expectations are very high on him. Whatever he speaks has to have impact. For this, he needs to have the right people behind him.”

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