Brains Behind 'Pelli Choopulu' Success

By - September 19, 2016 - 07:29 PM IST

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You might get a little irked and surprised as to why Pelli Choopulu is still in discussion. Well, 50 days are over but collections are still going strong. The credit for this success goes to many. First comes director Tarun Bhascker for his brain and producer Raj Kandukuri for believing in this line.

Then there is Madhura Sreedhar for promotion and placement but along with them, there is also one more guy called Raj Kumar. He is called KAD Rajkumar in industry. He has got one antipiracy group and any movie team can hire him to prevent online piracy.

Pelli Choopulu team hired him and as a result not a single link for pirated version came out till now. Usually many feel like watching small budget flicks online but that didn’t happen so majority had to go to theatres. Rajkumar proved that if online piracy can be scuttled rightly cinema revenue will shoot up. Already, all are praising him for his great and valuable services.