A Tough Challenge Faced by ANR!

By - September 20, 2016 - 06:34 PM IST

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Yes! That was how Telugu Film Industry reacted when ANR was cast as Sr NTRs younger brother in Samsaram (29-12-1950) by director L V Prasad. The surprise was because by then, ANR earned himself a good name as a folklore hero with hit films like Balaraju, Keelugurram,and so on.

Though ANR’s first screen appearance in Dharmapatni (10-01-1941) was a social drama, his appearance was confined to just a group of kids in a song. Hence that minimal appearance cannot be counted as a performance. His first film as a hero was “Sri Seetharama Jananam” (1-12-1944) and after that all his films were folklore based!

In this situation, there was a preconceived notion that ANR would not be suitable for Social Drama films. It was when ANR got more determined.  He used to re-think about his appearance and questioned himself “What…Am I not suitable for social drama oriented roles?”  He even used to wear casual clothing and practice histrionics and body language in front of the mirror- thereby building his confidence!

It was when he got the first chance to act in a social drama film Samsaram.  For that role, ANR worked very hard in the mentorship of director LV Prasad. Being an actor himself, LV Prasad used to enact a scene to ANR and explain how to present the expressions. ANR understood the nuances needed and performed very well in the film. His character is the film was of a rural youngster with loads of energy.

Watching ANR act in the film, LV Prasad used to feel happy and encouragingly say, “Tassadiyya moothadhu mari kaastha penchavayya!” (“You increased the value of the character much more, goodness me!”) behind the camera!

Cut from there.. three years later ANR acted in Devadas (1953) and turned to be an undisputable actor in Social Drama films forever!

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