ANR's Habits & Hobbies

By - September 20, 2016 - 05:24 PM IST

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ANR is well known for his health tips and great lifestyle habits. His way of life is inspiring to everybody whether they are admirers of Telugu Cinema or not. When asked about it, ANR always says his happiness is the secret of his health. When his filming was outside Hyderabad, he used to appoint an exclusive cook for food.

In Madras, he never used to eat in Hotel but used to get his food from Jagapathi Rajendra Prasad (Owner of Jagapathi Art Pictures)’s residence or from Shantakumari’s house. He had his first bypass operation in 1974 during the filming of Bapu’s Andala Ramudu. Even the illness was discovered in peculiar circumstances when he had to rescue a kid by jumping in the River Godavari. After the surgery he used to take a peg of brandy every day for the purpose of health.

ANRs daily diet includes only serving of one phulka and Omlette everyday. He has an organic vegetable garden where he grows the healthy vegetables and have the same in food. A regular morning walker till until quite recently, ANR always believed in contentment being secret of great health.

Even when ANR was diagnosed with Intestinal Cancer recently, he did not lose his hope and said that he would fight for his good health till the end.  His tremendous spirit in being healthy is one of the greatest health tip which anybody can always follow.

Coming to Hobbies, ANR is an avid reader of books and has vast knowledge in every topic. He was introduced to book reading by Malladi Ramakrishna Sastry and Chakrapani. Chakrapani gave ANR Sharatbabu’s novels like Devadasu and Baatasari in order to get the understanding of the characters. He was taught great diction and Telugu language by Bhanumathi’s husband Ramakrishna.

 ANR is also interested in gardening and loves to be surrounded by greenery all over.  He is always interested in learning new things and happenings all over the World. Being a school dropout, he was so determined to learn English by himself and in this regard he was a self made man. He is extremely fluent in Tamil and Hindi as well.

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