ANR's Top Heroines List

By - September 20, 2016 - 03:03 PM IST

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ANR was the first lover boy for Tollywood. His pairing with S Varalakshmi (Palnaati Yuddham, Balaraju) was termed as the most glamorous pair and gained high popularity. ANR can emote just with eyes, and sensitive body language and show romantic expressions with so much ease. He is the first ever romantic hero of Tollywood!

Acting in female roles during stage plays seemed to have done so much good for ANR. He was able to express sensitive emotions and his on screen chemistry with many heroines made him adept in acting for romantic roles. Even heroines used to feel lot of comfort while acting with ANR. It is also said that ANR used to make newcomer heroines quite comfortable during filming. When Savitri was supposed to act opposite ANR for her debut film Samsaram, she was terrified. When the shooting schedule was getting delayed, the director LV Prasad was getting furious.  He removed Savitri as heroine gave her a guest role. ANR did not want this to happen for his future projects and used to aid his heroines in every stage and support them well. Here is the list of top heroines who acted with ANR and the films they appeared together:

Anjali Devi:

She acted in highest number of films with ANR (50)! She acted as heroine in Sri Lakshmamma Kadha, Swapna Sundari, Maayalamari, Sthree Saahasam, Paradesi, Anarkali, Ilavelpu, Suvarna Sundari, Chenchu Lakshmi, Jayabheri, Runanubandham , Bhakta Tukaram. Apart from these she acted as mother, sister in law, sister, aunt in Charanadasi, Dasara Bullodu,  Suputrudu, Manasu- Mangalyam, Kanna Koduku, Rahasyam, Adarsha Kutumbam, Raithu Kutumbam, Vichitra Bandham, Manchi Rojulu vastayi, Bangaru Bommalu, Ramakrishnulu and so on.


Being a senior artist to ANR in films, she acted along with ANR in Laila Majnu, Prema, Vipranarayana, Chakrapani, Baatasari and Gruhalakshmi. She acted as his sister in Antasthulu and played a pivotal role in Tenali Ramakrishna.


ANR- Savitri combination is termed as golden by everyone in Telugu Cinema. Their combination is given highest marks by the audience. Bratuku teruvu, Devadasu, Ardhangi, Donga Ramudu, Thodi Kodallu, Mayabazar, Mangalya Balam, Nammina Bantu, Velugu Needalu, Aradhana, Manchi Manasulu, Puja Phalam, Mooga Manasulu, Sumangali, Navaratri, Manase Mandiram and Maro Prapancham featured them as lead pair in films. They were in different roles in films like Parivatrana, Gundamma Kadha and Dr.Chakravarthy.


Jamuna was featured opposite ANR in roles which needed funkiness, stubbornness, and determination. She was first paired opposite ANR in ‘Nirupedalu’. She acted as his sister in ‘Donga Ramudu’. They were featured as lead pairs in Ilavelpu, Pellinati Pramanalu, Illarikam, Gundamma Kadha, Mooga Manasulu, Poola Rangadu, Mooga Nomu, Sri Manthudu, Manasu Mangalyam.

Shavukaru Janaki:

She was paired opposite ANR in roles which demanded mixed emotions like aggression, innocence and variety of emotions. Her acting with ANR in films like Rojulu Maarayi, Baatasari, Manchi Kutumbam, Dr.Chakravarthy and so on fared well. Especially their casting as brother-sister worked out very well on screen.


ANR combination with Krishnakumari was commercially successful at the Box Office. Pelli Koduku, Bharya Bhartalu, Vagdanam, Kulagotralu, Chaduvukunna Ammailu, Punarjanma, Dr.Chakravarthy, Antasthulu, Jamindar, Bharya Biddalu feature them in lead pair.

B. Saroja Devi:

B.Saroja Devi is known for her kiddish dialaogue delivery and sweetness in Telugu Cinema. Her combination with ANR clicked very well. Pelli Kanuka, Sri Krishnarjuna Yuddham, Atma Balam, Amarasilpi Jakkanna and Rahasyam featured them in lead. Except Rahasyam all the above mentioned films became super hits!


Jayalalitha made her film debut in Telugu by pairing opposite ANR with ‘Manushulu-Mamathalu’. Later they were featured in Bharya Biddalu, Brahmachari, Adarsa Kutumbam, Premalu-Pellillu, Nayakudu- Vinayakudu.


She was first featured as Jaggaiah’s wife in ANR starrer Preminchi Chudu but later acted in many films with him. Atma Gouravam, Manchi Kutumbam, Dharma Daata, Pavitra Bandham, Manchi Rojulu Vacchayi, Manchi Vadu and so on are the films in this combination.


After ANR- Savitri combination it was ANR- Vanisri combination which was so successful. Atmeeyulu, Bhale Rangadu, Dasara Bullodu, Vichitra Bandham, Pavitra Bandham, Prema Nagar, Bangaru Babu, Secretary, Alu Magalu, Chakradhari, Koduku kodalu, Devadasu Malli Puttadu.


She is featured in peppy roles opposite ANR in Suputrudu, Koduku- Kodalu, Palletoori Bava, Bangaru Kalalu and Raga Deepam.


ANR’s tenure of experimental films began with his pairing along with Jayasudha . She is featured in negative role as a woman who attracts the hero in Mahakavi Kshetrayya and they later acted in Muddula Koduku, Edantasthula Meda, Megha Sandesam, Premabhishekam, Oorantha Bhale Dampathulu, Bangaru Kutumbam and Daddy Daddy.


She was first featured as Second Herione in Chakradhari along with ANR and then acted in Devadasu Malli Puttadu, Ramakrishnulu, Bucchi Babu, Prema Mandiram, Sreevari Mucchatlu, Megha Sandesam, Amara Jeevi and Sangeetha Samrat.


Despite being 36 years younger to ANR, she shined opposite ANR with her energy levels and the glamour doll image. Their pairing films are Muddula Koduku, Premabhishekam, Bangaru Kanuka and Sriranga Neethulu.


She is seen in roles which were earlier adorned by Anjali Devi and Sowcar Janaki opposite ANR. She is seen in Edantasthula Meda, Guru Sishyulu, Bangaru Kanuka, Bahudoorapu Baatasari and Sutradharulu. Their combination fetched good success on screen.

Apart from these afore mentioned heroines, ANR acted along with Manjula, Jayachitra, Vijayanirmala, Sarada, Zarina Vahal, Waheeda Rahman, Geethanjali, Chandrakala and Bharati.

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