Ilaiyaraaja's Simplicity Shocked Hosts

By - September 20, 2016 - 06:48 PM IST

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You tend to have a general impression that celebrities and iconic personalities tend to carry a lot of airs when they are amidst common public and have a very ‘touch me not’ approach. It is true to a large extent but there are also certain valid reasons for that.

And if you are someone like maestro Ilaiyaraaja you should start walking three feet in air. However, the ‘Isai Gnani’ is way different and here is an example. Normally, when celebrities go abroad as chief guests for events, they tend to go for shopping and expect the bill to be paid by hosts.

As such, even the hosts are also prepared and they are ready with their credit cards. Currently, Ilaiyaraaja went to Seattle and he went for shopping. It is heard that the host went ahead to pay the bill but the legendary musician said no and he paid for his shopping. All fell flat for this gesture.

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