Chalaki Chanti Fulfilled 99year Old's Wish

By - September 22, 2016 - 01:04 PM IST

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The all time popular comedy show Jabardarsth has the credit of giving new found career for many talented artists and many comedians struck a fortune in film industry after their appearance in this show.

One such talented comedian is Chalaki Chanti and he displayed great concern and proactive nature in Vijayawada during the promotions of Rashmi starrer Tanu Vachenanta. The unit of Tanu Vachenanta headed to Vijayawada for rigorous promotions and Chalaki Chanti came to know about a 99 year old fan of his and took time specially to meet the fan’s family. He spent nearly two hours with the family and then resumed to the promotions arena.
The fan’s family were obviously delighted to see the comedy star put time aside to meet them and spend quality time as well. Meanwhile Tanu Vachenanta crew- Rashmi Gautam, Dhanya Balakrishnan along with Teja Kakumanu of Sakethudu role in Baahubali movie fame will visit Vishakapatnam tomorrow as part of their two days promotions. 

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