Heroine Happy For Waiting Fans In USA

By - September 23, 2016 - 04:59 PM IST

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The real step for happiness and satisfaction as an actor or actress comes when you have some genuine fans who admire you for your work and personality. For most of the starlets, the popularity is quite diverse because they work in different industries.

In the recent past, some of them have crossed the shores and made their mark in the international arena. One among them is the pout lipped beauty Priyanka Chopra. Recently, in one interview she was asked how is her experience acting in America based TV serials.

For this, Priyanka reportedly said “They come to know where I am shooting and are coming there in large groups just to catch a glimpse. Even Hollywood stars also don’t have that type of attention. This attention is increasing the craze for me. I really thank every Indian fan who is doing this for me.”