What's Happening To Kobbari Matta?

By - September 24, 2016 - 05:17 PM IST

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There are some films that you come across which grab attention right at the first instant and it evokes that curiosity among you as to when it would hit the screens. Normally, most of such movies have a smooth transition and release in a short span.

But one movie which created the right momentum and suddenly fell silent is Kobbari Matta featuring Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu and directed by Steven Shankar. Few months ago, a song released and it grabbed a lot of attention.

Eventually, one big dialogue scene also released and increased the hype but after that no noise. Lately, variety movies are now getting patronage so this is the right time for this movie to arrive. Sources say it is going to come soon and the makers are scouting for the right slot.

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