MAA Association's 'Memu Saitham' @ #HyderabadRains

By - September 24, 2016 - 02:53 PM IST

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Telugu Artistes’ who always stands in first row to help when it comes to the natural disasters like cyclones, earthquakes.

Well we all know, Hyderabad city is facing lot of troubles with flood water and today the MAA Association president- Rajendra Prasad along with his team visited the flood affected areas. They came along with the food packets, milk packets and necessary products to distribute among the flood affected areas.

For this they collaborated with popular regional channel TV9 and carried out this flood relief activity at Allwyn colony area and meanwhile other actors like Rana & Navdeep are sending out the messages via social network handles to come along with them in relief activities.

It is very good to see the Telugu Artistes taking part in the social activities at the need of the hour. 

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