Nani becomes 'Table Profit Hero'

By - September 26, 2016 - 08:21 AM IST

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You would have come across many instances wherein the discussion about producers having a tough time selling their movies or recovering their investments keeps on. However, there is also another side to these producers who hit jackpots.

It all boils down to the movie and the star stamina it has got. Now, reports from Filmnagar reveal that Geetha Golla, P Kiran, the producers of the movie Majnu have made a table profit of a whopping 8 crores. The demand for the movie is such.

On the other hand, reports reveal that even distributors are also safe and everyone is making merry with this project. As for the analysts, they are saying that all this is due to Natural Star Nani’s power and the craze for him has brought this money storm.

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