Tamannaah reveals Reason behind Item Songs!

By - September 26, 2016 - 06:52 PM IST

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Milky beauty Tamannaah is a passionate actress. Be it a lead role/cameo/item song, she is keen upon making the best out of every opportunity coming her way. Of late rumors are rife that Tam is charging high especially for item songs and here is her response.
Talking to the media on this, Tamannaah squashed these rumors and clarified that she is rather receiving more for lead roles alone. She also added that heroines up North have erased the negative opinion over item songs and now South Indian film industries are also giving equal importance to item songs.
"I love dancing and it is one of reasons why I accept item song offers" says Tamannaah. 
Tam is a terrific dancer besides a startling beauty and moreover the audience also enjoy her dance & beauty onscreen. So she should keep doing item songs - what say fans?