Title Matters For Mahesh Babu's Image?

By - September 28, 2016 - 11:06 AM IST

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You can call yourself as a true superstar when your films are no longer affected by reviews and despite weak content makes it big at the box office. That type of stamina is seen in superstar Mahesh Babu and that’s what makes him number one in Tollywood.

Given that, how much do you think will the title of his film make the difference. It is heard that some major brainstorming is happening for Mahesh’s next with the genius director A R Murugadoss. But the film analysts are saying what is there in a name.

To take the essence from the quote of William Shakespeare, if you call a rose by some other name, it won’t change its fragrance. Similarly, for Mahesh’s movie title is no big deal. If movie is good it works or else no but title will not make any difference for his range. 

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