'Essentially Feel Good'- Nandini Nursing Home Audio Review

By - September 29, 2016 - 11:20 AM IST

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Nandini Nursing Home is an entertainer starring Nawin Vijaya Krishna and Nithya in lead roles.  Music for the film is composed by Achu Rajamani and here is an iQlik exclusive audio review of the album:

The album begins on a funny note with Khalti sung by Dhanunjay and penned by Rahman. The song progresses in a philosophically hilarious note and the orchestration aids to the same. It has funky harmonium, guitar strums and foot tapping rhythm section. The interludes are quite funny as well in terms of presentation.

Ninne is a laid back melody sung by the composer Achu himself and supported well with soothing piano, violin and relaxing ambience. The chord progression is quite impressive which gives a lovely aura. The song slowly progresses in pace and at the same time maintains the pleasant look.

The pace increases with Nanne Nanne sung effectively by Sooraj Santhosh and Mansi Mahadevan. The Hip-hop loops suit the song’s theme quite well. The typical slow progression leading to a fast paced number is applied once again here. Sooraj Santhosh brings a whole new star value to this song.

A party number Party Party arrives next rendered by the stylish singer Sunitha Saradhy, Roshan Prakash and Achu. Rahman’s lyrics are quite trendy and contemporary suiting the likes of young audience. The song gives much needed pace by offering the right balance to this album.

It is time for a soothing finale with Ninne Ninne (Sad Version)  which is more like an unplugged version of the original. The breathtaking acoustic guitar, expressive violin score and amazing bass work makes this version score better.


Nandini Nursing Home
is a feel good album by Achu which suits the theme quite well and appeals well.
Rating: 3/5