Unsuccessful Heroes As Villains

By - September 29, 2016 - 06:03 PM IST

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There are many criterions for you to become a hero and hence the challenges are equally high. Each day, you find many aspiring heroes entering the cine circuit but more than 70 percent wither away without a trace. That’s how tough it is in the hero segment.

However, the cine intellectuals are offering an advice. They say that these unsuccessful heroes can shine if they become villains and once they get the required branding and success, they can attempt to become a hero. Some of the heroes today were once villains.

While Bollywood has been quite open with this concept, Tollywood has been very reserved. For some reason the unsuccessful heroes don’t take that risk because they fear they will get typecast. However, with industry opening up it is time for our folks to experiment with their image.