Sunny Leone's Million Dollar Idea

By - September 30, 2016 - 05:09 PM IST

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The place and importance you give for sex goddesses is something very special when compared to what you have for top grade heroines. The impact of sex bombs is much longer than regular starlets. Currently, one damsel has been ruling the roost in India.

She is none other than the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone and unlike her predecessors who were unable to cash in on the hot image, Sunny is making the right business moves. The latest from her is a decision to come up with her own biopic in her home production.

Given her fame across the globe as an adult entertainment star, Sunny’s biopic can be released worldwide and it is certainly a million dollar idea. Buzz is that Sunny was not too happy with her recent documentary Mostly Sunny and that triggered this new thought.

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