Hidden Talent In Young Director

By - October 05, 2016 - 06:28 PM IST

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The general impression you would have of a director would be he is going at shaping up storylines and conceiving them properly on silver screen. However, there are also those filmmakers who have some hidden talents which get revealed through a second person.

The talk now is about director Chandoo Mondeti who shot to fame with his debut flick Karthikeya and is now hogging the limelight with his new movie Premam. According to those who are close to him, Chandoo has a hidden talent which not many know.

Well, there is a very good actor inside him as well and some say they will not be surprised if he dons the greasepaint in the future. Well, maybe Chandoo will spring a surprise as soon as Premam hits the theatres. This should be interesting.

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