Sedition Case on Puri!

By - October 05, 2016 - 05:04 PM IST

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Well legendary artist Om Puri's recent comments on the death of army personnel in the recent #UriAttack has stirred the hornet's nest. Latest reports suggest that a sedition case has been lodged against Om Puri by a lawyer.
"Did we force them to join the army? My father was also in the army... We are proud of them (soldiers)... I am asking you: Do you want India and Pakistan to become Israel and Palestine?
Om Puri earned nothing but brickbats for his comments after which the senior actor took a 'U' turn over his stance and begged an apology through an official press release:
“I am very embarrassed at what I said and I deserve punishment, not forgiveness. I first apologize to his (an Uri attack martyr) family, if at all they will forgive me, I apologize to the whole country, the army. I know it’s not justified that you say so much and then think a sorry will make it right.”
Now we have to wait and see how his apology would be accepted by the nation. 

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