Universal Studios In Vizag?

By - October 06, 2016 - 07:14 PM IST

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For us Indians, cinema is an integral part of life and even if there is a shooting going on with unknown faces we get drawn to it. On the other hand, Hollywood has made a brand of cinema and in that process, their establishments have become world tourist hubs.

For instance, the Universal Studios in Los Angeles is a hot destination for travelers across the world. Few years back, it came to Singapore and now there are reports that Universal is planning to start another wing in India as well and that too in the south.

It is heard that initially the plans were on to get it in Bangalore as they felt that in all ways, that city is the best.  However, the latest update is, the management is considering the smart city Visakhapatnam for setting it up. If this happens it would be a major milestone.

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