Tanikella Bharani Humbly Denied Offer

By - October 06, 2016 - 07:28 PM IST

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Once you prove your mettle as a performer you can be rest assured that offers will keep flooding to you constantly. It is also a challenge of sorts because you need to know which is something you can take up and which you have to decline politely.

The multi-talented Tanikella Bharani is quite experienced in that and now it is heard that he has humbly declined one offer. This is to direct the remake of the devotional flick Bhakta Kannappa featuring rebel star Krishnamraju which came in the year 1976.

It is heard that Tanikella Bharani knew it requires a lot of responsibility and hence he said no for wielding the megaphone but is providing the screenplay. Post the decline of Tanikella, the project reportedly went to the creative genius Krishna Vamsi.